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AkimboCurly said:
Medisti said:

Actually, I do have one question. I can't see my old 360 purchases in my game library or on the Xbox website, but if I search for them manually on the store it shows that I own them and can redownload. Thing is, it's a tad difficult for me to remember every digital game I bought from 2008-2011. Is there a way to tell or list these other than dragging my 360 out of the attic and hooking it up?

Yeah - go into "my games and apps" and select 'ready to install'. That will save a lot of hassle.

Some recommendations of games which weren't on PS4 (which you may have played on PC):

- Sunset Overdrive

- Ori and the Blind Forest/ Ori and the Will of the Wisps

- Recore (I actually think that game was good - sue me)

- Halo Infinite and Halo Wars 2

- State of Decay 2 

- The Forza franchise

ReCore is an underrated gem.