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Mr Puggsly said:

Rise of the Tomb Raider is honestly one of my favorite action adventure games. I actually completed the 360 version recently just for comparison.

There is nothing spectacular about it, I just find it fun and enjoy exploring the world. The DLC ain't bad either.

I played about five hours of it. It was indeed not spectacular. Pretty sure I've figured out the entire plot after the first few cutscenes. I mean, the set-pieces were great, but the gameplay boiled down to "Hold forward and occasionally press jump." It looks great, but it's essentially shiny Super Mario Bros. I had more fun during the hunting segment, though. I'll need to play deeper to really judge it.

I should also mention that I did follow the advice here and got Game Pass. My fiancee wants ESO so we can retire the PS4 and it's on the service, so I was forced under duress to do so. Nifty service, but the actual games listed are like 10% great games and 90% fodder. So, the same as all streaming-style services, am I right, folks?