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Hynad said:
the-pi-guy said:

It's just a single USB cable that plugs into the PS5.

No breakout box, no big mess of cords that go with it.

But there’s still a cable that can get in the way or make you trip when moving around. 

They sacrificed wireless to go for graphical fidelity. That being said, I’m not really sure that moving around is a good idea for the current mass market versions of VR. So many accidents have been documented (albeit mild ones… like all those flat screens now resting in peace), so I think the right approach for now, for the wider market (not enthusiast), is one that have you either sit or be in a standing position that don’t require you to move around the room. In which case, a single wire such as this shouldn’t be that much of a nuisance. I personally always play VR titles while sitting on my couch, so the cord from the PSVR never really bothered me. I just make sure it’s secured behind me but loose enough that I have enough room to move without it hindering my motions and I’m good to go.

The fact that you just need to plug it into the USB-C port of the PS5 already makes it a huge step up over the first PSVR. 

Even with plenty of cables on PSVR I was able to move around, I was careful, but yes I agree with you that for general market even wireless could see accidents (ever since at least Wii we see people making obtuse things with motion while gaming). But seeing Sony was able to make it all into a single USB-C cable it is possible that they put a midgen refresh that is wireless, or even sell another accessory for you to attach to waist with battery and wireless dongle to communicate with PS5 (perhaps a 3rd party could do it?)

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