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Mnementh said:

Traitor! I couldn't get a Series X myself without paying a scalper a premium, so I settled for a Series S.

And regarding Minecraft being the first game: the first game I checked out with my new Series S and the Gamepass subscription was one I had missed out on so long and wanted to try: Viva Pinata.

She claims she got it for retail price. I've never played Viva but it's part of Rare Replay. I'll have to give it a try since I've always heard it was fun.

smroadkill15 said:
Medisti said:

Oooo, you can do that? I'll definitely give that a check soon. The interface so far is pretty sleek and snappy.

Yep. Once you make the groups you want, pin them to your home screen so there right there and easy to access. You can also unpin any apps don't care about as well. One of my favorite features really. 

Thanks for the tip!

Pemalite said:

Halo: Master Chief Collection
Halo: Infinite
Halo Wars 1+2.
Sunset Overdrive
Ryse, Killer Instinct
Rare Replay
Gears of War 4 and 5
Quantum Break
Sea of Thieves.

As far as exclusives go... The Xbox One was actually a shit console... But it was often the best place to play multiplats thanks to the Xbox One X being more powerful.

I should have mentioned I'm not big on online multiplayer. I prefer single-player or couch co-op. But there's still some good suggestions here.

KratosLives said:

halo infinite is a solid shooter, graphics aren't that great though. fLIGHT SIMULATOR, Forza horizon 5

Man, I haven't played a flight simulator since middle school, and that was over a decade ago now. I'll have to look into that one!