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That's right, everyone. He's finally gone and done it. Or, rather, been given it. You can return from the edge of your seats and release those held breaths. My fiancee went and got me an Xbox Series X for my birthday (rather self-serving, since she wants it for Starfield. HMM.). I haven't had an Xbox since the 360 (Never owned a One, since I went the PS4 route), so I'm curious if there are any great One games I missed. I got most of my 360 collection dusted off and installed, including an unopened copy of New Vegas GOTY which I never played.

Now I get this cutting edge console and naturally the first thing I do is buy Minecraft. Yes, really, lol. The lady of the house likes to play it split-screen with me and the Switch version is a drag, so that's awesome. Skyrim Legendary Edition and ESO are sadly in my future, as Elder Scrolls is her favorite series.

But, I was hoping to get some recommendations for other One and Series games of every genre. I am aware that Elden Ring is out soon, even though I've only ever played the first Dark Souls and no other From Software games. I'm also curious if Cyberpunk 2077 is fixed now, since I skipped it on PS4 due to the plethora of issues.

UPDATE: A big thanks to everyone for some great suggestions so far. I've got a list of good things to look into. Since Elden Ring is reviewing so well and the next-gen patch for Cyberpunk seems to have fixed its issues, I went ahead and got both of those. :)

For the curious, I currently have these games:

Fallout 4

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Rare Replay


Elden Ring

Cyberpunk 2077

Last edited by Medisti - on 23 February 2022