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Who's Aloy? Chips Ahoy? Tomb Raider came at a perfect time in video game culture. Sales are not the same as impact on culture esp compared from two very different periods in gaming. Lara was everywhere. Not just games or movies, commercials. Freaking Playboy when that was a big deal. It was gaming news when a new model would play her in public events. She was truly Iconic. Aloy is not. the game sold well. Ok yeah in modern gaming. She's not everywhere. She's not popping up in all sorts of other media. Lara was one of the icons that represented a decade. Aloy represents nothing but her own game. Outside of PS fans, hardly anyone knows who TF Aloy is. How many games these days feature tough badass women? A million esp from western devs. Lara was one of the first to bring a tough BA woman into 3D. Before that most female playable game characters were in Bikinis with swords or extremely Japanese games so were more niche. One exception is Metroid but Samus is covered in armor.

I don't like the LC games at all. I thought they were clunky as hell then and only aged worse now. But saying Aloy is as known as LC is a joke.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!