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IcaroRibeiro said:
sundin13 said:

"Relatively mild Omicron surge"

Also, this isn't a popular rebellion in Canada. The convoy is extremely unpopular and the covid restrictions continue to be popular. This is the far right freaking out because they've lost. 

Omicron in USA is being fairly letal, about as strong as Delta bases on the sheer number of the infection, as the virus itself is much less letal 

Here in Brazil we are having about 3 times more daily cases than Delta, but death rate is about less than 30% of what used to be with Delta

I honestly don't understand why are people freaking out with restrictions. Wearing masks is ok, many people I know are considering using it for good, I personally really like wearing it, specially when I'm having allergic crisis 

Showing documentation to prove we got shots is also OK, what's the matter? Right now most of people here are vaccinated, about 80% I think, the ones who aren't are mainly kids, so almost everything is working as usual. Business are open, restaurants, gymns, cinemas, etc. Even closed events are allowed 

It's also very nice every place is offering alcohol gel so we can clean our hands and arms, and I also feel stores, cinemas and restaurants are far more cleaner now than they used to be 

I don't know if Brazilians are adaptable, but I don't know, I feel like things are different now, we no longer love in terror, people are slowly accepting how to live with the virus and I think that's a very good thing. The next variant will probably be even less letal, so I hope by then Covid will be treated like just another kind of flu 

The problem is letting the government take over your freedom. I use the mask and took the vaccine and think whoever doesn't use the mask is inconsiderate and who don't take the vaccine is dumb, but still I don't want the government using its power to obligate or anyone else of this type of thing.

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