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Barozi said:
DonFerrari said:

Agree with your post and will only add that for most part left wing is more authoritarian than right wing while putting that is for good reason (like forbidding hate speech).
In Brazil despise how moronic our president is all accusations of he being a dictator is silly, all medias are free and criticize him all day long without punishment (while when he badmouth them he gets accused of censoring and persecuting midia), while the leftwing party that was in control for like 14 years tried to approve laws like "social control of midia" and is very much in favor of shutting down disenting opinions.

ah so that's why Brazil is only on #111 out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index which is published by Reporters Without Borders.

"With threats and physical attacks, Brazil continues to be an especially violent country for the media, and many journalists have been killed in connection with their work. In most cases, these reporters, radio hosts, bloggers or other kinds of information providers were covering stories linked to corruption, public policy or organised crime in small or mid-sized cities, where they are more vulnerable. Journalism has become especially problematic since Jair Bolsonaro’s election as president in October 2018. Insulting, denigrating, stigmatising and humiliating journalists has become President Bolsonaro’s trademark. Any media revelation threatening his or his administration’s interests triggers a new round of violent verbal attacks that foster a climate of hatred and mistrust towards journalists. The coronavirus crisis exposed major problems in accessing information and gave rise to new attacks on the media by Bolsonaro, who blamed and scapegoated them for the crisis. Media ownership continues to be very concentrated, especially in the hands of big business families that are often closely linked to the political class. The confidentiality of journalists’ sources is under constant attack and many investigative reporters have been subjected to abusive judicial proceedings."

There haven't been any increase on physical attacks or similar against journalist coming from the president. And as I said, the midia targets he 24h a day in about every single outlet and that is perfectly fine and accepted without government making any censorship, sueing or similar against them. But seems like he can't even voice out his disliking of midia for the attacks he receives right?

Any ranking of violence you'll see Brazil leading. So it is kinda silly try to put ranks for death of women, black, journalists, etc as due to any particular hate against any subgroup. The violence in brazil is generalized.

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