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So... we don't need Covid restrictions... yet we're also going to criticize states for easing Covid restrictions. O_o... Alright then. If new data was coming out, then one would expect mandates to be dropped at similar times. But damned if you do, damned if you don't.

What is not included in this post is a scientific reason why it is a good time to end mask mandates. Just, that it's not completely comfortable, and you don't like them. I remember when 3,000 or so people died on 9/11. We changed air travel restrictions completely. I can't go into the Magic fucking Kingdom without a bag search and metal detector. 3,000 people died yesterday from Covid. But oh noes we're not going to put cloth on our face. AND ARE YOU TELLING ME I HAVE TO GO TO THE PHARMACY AND GET A SHOT THREE TIMES?! JUST TO PROTECT MYSELF FROM SOMETHING THAT HASN'T EVEN KILLED SIX MILLION PEOPLE YET?! THIS IS MADNESS!

Fun fact. When the shark attacks that inspired the movie Jaws happened, support for President Wilson in the area affected dropped sharply. Because that's what people do. When they're frustrated, they blame whoever is in charge, whether or not it's actually their fault. Of course, I'm not saying it isn't, but if it is, there's no reason to believe that in the OP.

So, then you turn into Fox News who says you're right to be pissed off, and here are some other things to be pissed off about. And then... this, is the end result. A little over a year ago, the Republican party literally tried to overthrow Democracy. And they are still in support of that (or at least too big of pussies to call it what it was). They do not think you should have control over your uterus. If they had their way, you wouldn't be able to choose the gender of your partner. But, at least they'll let your face be comfy womfy while thousands of people die every day.

There is not a shred of logic or rationality to be found here. Pure emotional reasoning. Angry=/=justified.

It was supposed to be a parody... But actually kind of accurate.

Also... it's a fucking mask. You're in Texas. I'm in New York. Our policies are far worse than yours. I ride mass transit to in person school with tons of people in crammed trains. I eat lunch at restaurants with my classmates. I can go to the movies. I go to the gym regularly. I literally can't think of anything I couldn't do if I wanted to do. I just have to put a piece of fabric over my face at times. We're closing on a million deaths, and this is somehow a bridge too far. 

Edit: Since the subject of bail came up, I invite anyone who thinks bail reform is a bad thing to go to It's obviously a biased source, but it contains litigation. Look at the court cases, and the scenarious where bail has been used basically as extortion for minor offenses like driving without registration. It's fucking gross beyond belief. If the bail system was functioning as intended, there would be no need for reform. Unfortunately, it has been used in many localities to extort money from those least able to pay, without informing them of their rights, or providing them with any legal counsel. Bail reform is not because people are being big ol' softees who want to let violent criminals rape your children, it's because the people in charge have turned it into a for-profit enterprise, and that municipalities are being sued and losing a fuck ton of money. 

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 11 February 2022