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OdinHades said:
Jaicee said: go normal!! 

That's not going to happen. The world is in constant change and past times will never come back. That doesn't mean that covid restrictions will never get away, they certainly will. But the world will never be the same as in the 90s, 2000s or 2010s. Everything is changing and there is exactly nothing you or me could do about it.

It's generally a healthy approach to accept such change. What is normal and what is not isn't something that is set in stone. So just adjust yourself and don't expect the whole world to adjust to you, because that is simply not going to happen.

In all fairness I think the OP was quite clear regarding what they meant by normal ie the end of covid restrictions. You’re quite right that the world won’t adjust to any single person on this planet however there is absolutely nothing wrong with venting and expressing emotions, whether positive or negative. It can be highly cathartic to vent and to learn that others feel a similar way; see Twitter for very clear evidence of this. 

Last edited by Majora - on 11 February 2022