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Mar1217 said:
Farsala said:

And why not? A new MK9 would not be able to match the value of MK8, especially in terms of courses.

Meh, it really depends on what they're gonna innovate on, if it's also on a new platform exploiting it's new found graphical power. And I think that people will still feel okay to migrate back to the usual 32 courses in the base game we have.

I mean, most of the 48 courses for the DLC Pack won't have the same level of polish that we can find on other MK8 tracks, especially those coming from MK Tour which I fear will be mostly a straight port.

Actually, I think the studio doing the remastering job isn't even the MK Team from Nintendo, it's probably the guys in charge of MK Tour themselves.

That's funny, because the guys in charge of Mario Kart Tour are Nintendo. The game was developed by Nintendo EPD, the Mario Kart team to be exact, the same ones who made MK8.