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Dulfite said:

I have read many, many articles on

They have answers to so many topics, fascinating stuff! There is a stereotype that Christianity doesn't take science into consideration, but that website finds biblical stances are supported by scientific research. I love reading things there, and they have articles on some of the most randomly specific topics lol it's awesome!

And have you read many articles on non biased (they admit this themselves) websites? Preferably peer reviewed scientific literature, or at the very least sites that do not have an admitted bias? Because if not, you are not engaged in scientific research, even using the loosest sense of the word. 

Christianity in fact doesn't take science into consideration. Christians may take science into consideration on certain issues, but not in evaluating their religious beliefs. The Bible is specifically anti-science. It does not encourage people to critically evaluate claims or to use skepticism. "Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed."