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Mnementh said:
MasonADC said:

PS dying and making the traditional games not being as big anymore doesn't make what I said wrong. The switch still aren't getting those big games. The publishers would rather the series die in japan for success otherwhere. Like I said, what I said was 100% correct

Yet Switch is getting those big games. They aren't the same games anymore, but we today also don't consider Zork or Ultima important series. So Switch isn't getting series that aren't relevant in japan anymore. Boohoohoo.

One thing you said that was quoted by Laser was: "When does this third party domination start?"

Now you say: "When does this domination of third-party titles which aren't relevant anymore start?" That's a different point.

there was an entire conversation, I recommend actually reading it or you wouldn't be saying nonsensical stuff tbh. Not just the quote