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Captain_Yuri said:

With the announcement of Crysis 4, it reiterates how legit Nvidia's massive leak was. (The lack of Bloodborne and Gravity Rush, the two games I really want on PC, already proved to me how legit it was).

I'll probably end up buying Forbidden West on PC whenever that comes around. Assuming it's priced less terribly that is or I'll wait for a sale.

I've learned to just wait for a sale when it comes to MS/Sony games these days.

Bought HZD and Days Gone when they both went on sale last yr, bought them both for the price of a single AAA game of today's price (£50). I'll wait for GoW to go down in price, probably by this summer and then I'll likely nab it by then. 

Also waiting on AoE IV to build up more content and updates, then I'll possibly nab that, but MS seems to take a lot longer at sorting their games out on PC compared to Sony's 1 yr (State of Decay 2 has taken years to get the updates it sorely needed and 1 reboot mega update as well). 

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