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numberwang said:

Did we talk about the garbage AMD 6500 XT?

4GB of VRAM in 2022

No real raytracing support

No video de/encoding module

4 GPU lanes, bad performance with PCIe 3.0


Even at $199 it is inferior to the aged 2060.

Yeah, it is. I'd say that AMD dropped the ball with this card but, given all the bad decisions that were needed to reach this end product, I think it's more accurate to say that AMD grabbed the ball and has thrown it in the trash.

BasilZero said:

Crysis 4 announced

Will work exclusively with PC2 only.

I know they've announced it because it got leaked on a Chinese forum but, even then, it has to be one of the more lackluster announcements I've seen in quite a while.

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