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Part two of the news:

Elden Ring will take about 30 hours to finish
In a recorded presentation shown at the 2022 Taipei Game Show, Elden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kitao said FromSoft's upcoming action-RPG Elden Ring will take about 30 hours to beat—but you can put a lot more time than that into it if you want to.

Little Big Adventure is being rebooted for the series' 30th anniversary
"[W]e quickly realized that the third game we initially wanted to make—the Genesis of the Stellar Entity—would be strange to make. The script was a first draft written to end the series. With the new studio, we do not want to end the series. We want to attract a wider audience and share the wonderful world, iconic characters and story with as many players as possible, so that more Twinsunian adventures can be created.
"We decided to reboot Twinsen’s story."

Overwatch's Lunar New Year 2022 event is light on skins this year
Overwatch's new Lunar New Year 2022 event is adding only two new Legendary skins to the game, compared to the usual five. The game's annual events typically come with several new skins to earn and unlock for its big roster of heroes, but this is the lightest event for skins in the game's five-year history, despite plans for a lot more legendary skins later in the year.

Hearthstone's Battleground Buddies have arrived
Hearthstone's 22.2 patch is now live, bringing tweaks, changes, fixes, and most important of all, the Battlegrounds Buddies, a collection of 75 new minions, each one unique to its hero.

Activision Blizzard chooses not to voluntarily recognize Call of Duty QA union
The newly formed Game Workers Alliance, composed of 34 quality assurance workers, asked for recognition to form a union with the Communication Workers of America (CWA) by the end of the work day on Tuesday, January 25th. Activision has now missed that deadline, meaning the union is going to file for an election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), reports The Washington Post.
>> Looks like Kotick and Co will be arseholes until the end of the buyout.

New World aims to improve its endgame with 'mutators'
New World's latest patch aims to improve the Amazon MMO's much-bemoaned endgame experience through the introduction of game-changing 'mutators'.
After completing an endgame expedition once, players will receive a codex and orb that allow them to reply that expedition with a mutator active: These increase the challenge and rewards, modify both normal and named enemies, up the complexity and unpredictability of enemy encounters.

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