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green_sky said:

What a lukewarm announcement. Why not just keep it for Blizzcon or is that never happening again.

Oh well. Will play it in 3-5 years.

This year's con has been cancelled, and afaik, with the current bad rep they have going for them, it's likely they won't be bringing it back for quite some time.

Also doesn't help that we know OW 2 and D4 have been delayed all of this yr as well, so we won't be seeing those two games until at least 2023.

A Blizzcon for yet more tiny snippets of OW2/D4 and this new game, doesn't exactly warrant me paying for the digital ticket. Usually with their cons, they announce stuff that's practically around the corner or coming within the year/early start of the next one, but if they were to hold one this yr it wouldn't be giving us much to look forward to. 

I don't expect us to even see this survival game for another 2-3 years, so it's either a game that'll be due next year, or it's yet another wasted attempt at drumming up hype/interest way too early. I miss the days when they used to announce stuff that was months away from release, like the upcoming WoW expansions for example. 

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