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Chazore said:

Ahh, so you're not done talking, you were just trying to save face, gotcha.

Yes, you did say I was like those that would start world wars, based on "fear mongering", not looking back at history and watching for patterns that may emerge of someone acting up to what they previously acted on before...

You need to get over comparing me to someone who would start a war over fear mongering, and instead just accept that someone doesn't like MS as much as you seem to, that you would defend them without question (because let's be frank while we're here, you have been doing that for a long time now).

You're a PC gamer, yet you hardly talk and discuss in the main thread, let alone subsequent other PC threads anywhere as much as say, Yuri and even basil's come back and is joining in the main thread as well as others related to PC, so where are you at "PC gamer"?. 

You certainly don't come off in any way as one, so I've little reason to believe it as such, and since your actions on here aren't proving all that much, besides your off-site apparent time spent, I've just little to go on that you're a PC gamer. On here you come off a lot more of an Xbox gamer, avatar, talk of MS (even in the positive light and defence), etc.

Mate you were judging me based on fuck all and wanted to label me a fear mongerer, as someone not to be believed, and you think I'm going to take that sitting down?. You clearly do not know me, and for someone your age, you don't know any better either. 

You want it to stop, you should try it first, because you claimed you were going to, and yet here we are. 

How about you never respond to me again?. I'd very much love that. I'd give anything for this site to have a a full on block, so then I don't have to see 40 yr olds thinking they know any better, while pissing in the wind to history itself.

ahah :) As a huge PC Gamer, this is a great news for me; have a great day.
Also, 100% digital baby!