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Chazore said:

Mate, you compared me to one who would start a world war without question

Nobody compared you with anything, talking about idealogy, fearmongering and how baseless fear affected us in history (like starting wars) is not about you, just get over it.

Also, I'm a PC gamer mainly, probably spending more than 4 hours per day playing on my PC, versus maybe 8 hours per week on my consoles. Who keeps calling me things, pretend that people "like me" are doing/saying things, assume that I'm not a PC gamer cause of... my avatar?... then you looked at my age, I mean da fuck is wrong with you lol 

Again, stop playing the victim, I'm not judging or telling you what you are or pretend to know what you think/know/play/do... I don't care, I'm just responding to the things you wrote and react to that, and only that. I'm not also trying to tell you what is right or wrong (like calling saying that it is insane to want physical ditched,, etc.... Hell, you have strong oppinions about other people when they do not think like you, that's for sure...)

w/e, keep blablering now. Not going to derail this thread anymore. Said, I would stop responding and I should have.

Last edited by Imaginedvl - on 25 January 2022