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Chazore said:

Last person on earth I am ever going to believe that nowt bad is going to happen, that everything is to stay the way it is, is from someone like you.

You ignore history or willingly ignore the bad parts of it, and your poorly thought out response to that shows (that and the bias clouds it).

Btw, saying I'd be the cause of a world war isn't exactly the best kind of response, bordering on trolling/berating. 

Either way, I'm going to be there when it goes tits up, but knowing you, it'll be a net positive, fuck what anyone else who doesn't like what you like, thinks. 

Please ellaborate on that? I mean seriously? Also, what am I exactly lol?

World wars (both) started EXACTLY because of that, people's fear of something that MAY happen... Stop thinking that this was an attack to you personaly and that you are the center of the world, this is a general comment about fearmongering and how it brings the worse out of people. If you do not like it, fine. But stop playing the victim and pretend that it is something it is'nt... 

You brought your BS about history, so now just assume it instead of playing hurt by that comment. Esp. when this is not about your little response but an overall statement about what you just posted in general. You try to sound elloquent with your response but you cannot take anything and hit that report button when we are talking about "actual" history?. lol come on...

W/e play the victim if you want and keep arguing anything that could happen based on nothing else but your fears of it. Simply do not bring history into this if your best anwser to that is linking this to trolling/berating whenever you do not like the response. 

This is offtopic now anyway, so I'm done here, keep fearing w/e your brain is making up about what Microsoft is going to do and enjoy the rest of the day.