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Imaginedvl said:

No you are not one of the others :) You are one of those "fear mongering" ones.
I mean, you basically are arguing and preaching about something that "you" assume will happen out of your ass. Cannot be more fearmongerer than that at this point.

Also, nothing in the "history" shows that, if history shows anything is that fearmongerers like you are wrong most of the time; and are probably the main reason of major step backs, world wars, etc... Being afraid that something MAY happen...

History is showing us that Microsoft learned a LOT from their mistakes (esp. the monopoly ones), so do not use history as bullet in your imaginary apocalyptic scenario because it does not really fit the agenda.

Of course, WHEN something bad happens, you come up with your "I told you so"... Forgetting the 99% rest of time where nothing disastrous happened... And take this single time as the "I knew it all" from the start.

Last person on earth I am ever going to believe that nowt bad is going to happen, that everything is to stay the way it is, is from someone like you.

You ignore history or willingly ignore the bad parts of it, and your poorly thought out response to that shows (that and the bias clouds it).

Btw, saying I'd be the cause of a world war isn't exactly the best kind of response, bordering on trolling/berating. 

Either way, I'm going to be there when it goes tits up, but knowing you, it'll be a net positive, fuck what anyone else who doesn't like what you like, thinks. 

Step right up come on in, feel the buzz in your veins, I'm like an chemical electrical right into your brain and I'm the one who killed the Radio, soon you'll all see

So pay up motherfuckers you belong to "V"