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Blizzard announces its next game for PC and console, set in an “all-new universe”
Blizzard has announced a new survival game in development for PC and console that will be set in an “all-new universe”. Aside from those few details and a couple of small bits of concept art, information on the game is light. It looks like it’s very early in development, too, as today’s announcement comes alongside a hiring push for the project.
>> A survival game, how original.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale start time – GabeN gives for the first time in 2022
Valve still hasn’t officially confirmed that we’re even getting a Steam Lunar New Year Sale for 2022, but as always, the dates have leaked thanks to developers who’ve gotten early word on the discount promotion. So if you’re eagerly awaiting the Steam Lunar New Year Sale start time, here’s when you can expect to commit unspeakable acts of savings.
>>Starts on January 27 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT and will last until February 3.