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The Tuesday news, the second part:

Apex Legends' next hero is tooth-spitting freedom fighter Mad Maggie
It's that time in the Apex Legends calendar once more where teasers for the next season begin to drop—starting with a look at our rebellious next Legend, Mad Maggie.

Battlefield 2042's 'Zombie Survival' mode pulled after it immediately turns into an XP farm
Just a day after featuring a Zombie Survival mode in Battlefield 2042, the developers removed it from the official playlist because players were using it to farm XP that can be used to unlock weapons, ribbons, and other in-game content in other modes.

Elden Ring has officially gone gold
Elden Ring is no longer a meme nor a dream. It's really coming and, according to an interview with FromSoftware's Yasuhiro Kitao during the Taipei Game Show, will definitely launch on time. Elden Ring had a short delay from its originally announced January date to February, but it sounds like any other pushbacks are off the table now. Elden Ring has officially gone gold. "Please be assured, the title will be ready for sale on February 25th," Kitao says.

Outerverse developers say 'con artists' are using their game for an NFT scam
Outerverse publisher Freedom Games is warning of an NFT scam that's marketing a new cryptocurrency to videogame and NFT communities. The Outerverse Metaverse and Decentralized Platform is offering a token that it says will be earnable and usable in Outerverse—but Freedom Games and developer Tbjbu2 say the claim is "patently false."

New Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin trailer combines fantasy violence with Frank Sinatra
Team Ninja's take on the Final Fantasy universe is less than two months away, and while the E3 2021 reveal trailer's use of the words "Kill chaos" elicited a lot of scoffing, there's reason to be optimistic. The prospect of a Final Fantasy soulslike developed by the studio responsible for Nioh is exciting enough, and some of the enemies shown in this new five minute trailer are genuinely spectacular. Sure, protagonist Jack is still heavily reminiscent of a PS3-era generic bro, but maybe some Frank Sinatra will take some of that edge off? There's some Frank in the new trailer, too.

Final Fantasy 14 director says he wants to work on the game for the next 10 years
Final Fantasy 14's producer and director Naoki Yoshida has said that as long as he's in good health, he intends to continue working on the game for the next decade.

Final Fantasy 14 is back on sale after 6 weeks
Rejoice, gamers—nearly six weeks after being pulled from digital storefronts, the critically-acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 is available to buy again.

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