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The Tuesday news:


Steam has two new daily deals, plus four Midweek Madness deals. And there's also some weeklong deals, but not many:

Fanatical has the new BYO Tiger Bundle, with 20 games to choose for your 1, 5 or 10 games bundle:


The Vulkan 1.3 roadmap could change the very silicon it runs on
Cross-platform 3D graphics API Vulkan has just announced a much anticipated update. With Vulkan 1.3 available across the breadth of supported platforms, game developers can now enjoy a more streamlined experience, along with a bunch of highly-requested extensions coming integrated into the core API.

Epic's Easy Anti-Cheat system will work on Steam Deck, after all
As the Steam Deck launch date approaches, Valve and a number of game developers are making a push to smooth out compatibility issues arising from the handheld's Linux-based operating system, which uses software called Proton to run Steam games that don't support Linux natively. One concern has been that anti-cheat software won't easily make the transition, but Valve says it has solved one big chunk of that problem: Epic's popular Easy Anti-Cheat system should now work on the Steam Deck without any big hassle for developers.


Siren is a new cool mod for classic Doom, demo available for download
Modder ‘Dithered Output’ has released the demo of a pretty cool total conversion mod for classic Doom, called Siren. Siren appears to be influenced by numerous games, such as Aliens and F.E.A.R.
I’m pretty sure that most of our old-school fans will find this mod interesting. You can go ahead and download the demo from here. Below you can also find a gameplay trailer for Siren.

Demo released for the fan sequel to Dark Souls, Dark Souls: Nightfall
Team Nightfall has released a demo for its fan sequel to the first Dark Souls game, Dark Souls: Nightfall. In addition, the full version of this mod will come out after the release of Elden Ring.
Team Nightfall was originally planning to release the full game on January 21st. However, and even though the team has already delayed the mod, it needs even more time in order to further polish it.
>> Here's the download link for the demo (Mega).

A '90% complete' fan-made PC port of Zelda: Ocarina of Time could be ready by April
A PC port of Super Mario 64 appeared essentially out of nowhere back in 2020 thanks to a herculean effort from fans who decompiled the game's code. A similar decompilation effort for Ocarina of Time was completed last year by the Zelda Reverse Engineering Team, and it seems like we may be seeing the fruits of that labor within a month. Videogameschronicle reports that another fan group has nearly finished turning that code into a working PC port.
>> And now that Nintendo knows about it, they must be getting that C&D letter ready.


Here are 40 minutes of gameplay from GRID Legends’ Story Mode
Codemasters has released a video, showcasing 40 whole minutes of gameplay footage from GRID Legends’ Story Mode, Driven to Glory. This video will give you a glimpse at the game’s story mode, so be sure to watch it if you are interested in it.

God of War PC Patch 1.0.3 released, aiming to fix memory leaks
Santa Monica and Jetpack Interactive have released a brand new patch for the PC version of God of War. According to the developers, Patch 1.0.3 aims to fix an issue that caused leaks in memory allocation which could result in either decreased performance or a game client crash.

Respawn is also working on first-person & strategy Star Wars games
Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm Games announced today that Respawn is working on three Star Wars games. The first game, as most may have guessed, is the sequel to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The second Star Wars game is a first-person shooter, while the third one is a strategy game.

Official cinematic trailer released for Sniper Elite 5
Rebellion has just released an official cinematic trailer for Sniper Elite 5. Sniper Elite 5 will see elite marksman Karl Fairburne travel to France in 1944 to destroy Operation Kraken.

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