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Chazore said:

I can't believe I somehow managed to skip two gens of GPU's with Nividia. Probably gonna just grab whatever I can get in the 80 range when the 4000 series comes out. Should hopefully be better refined in power consumption and RTX perf (also hoping temps aren't as silly as what I've seen some 3080o's going at, that's also without RT on in games).

If you are seeking power efficiency, especially with a 80 series, I don't think Nvidia will be the one to go for. The 4090 is supposed to be 500 watts and that's just for the founders. The 4080 will probably be more like 400 watts but then you get the AIB versions and they will probably be pushing 450-500 watts. But what next gen should bring is very good performance at all levels. Even a 4060 should be more powerful than a Series X so you could even get a 4070 and it will be quite a lot.

So if you are looking for the best power efficiency and Raster performance, you should probably wait for RDNA 3. But if you are looking for Ray Tracing and features, then you should go Nvidia.

Personally, I don't think we really need much more advancements in Raster and instead, we really need to try and bruteforce Ray Tracing. So assuming a 4080/4090 is able to run Cyberpunk at 4k Native at 60fps+ at max settings. Then I'll be happy.


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