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Any answer newer than the 16 bit generation is wrong. SNES by systems end was doing 3D games. Very primitive but still. F-Zero tried to give the illusion of 3D but Starfox got there. Mario World looked great on launch and still does but tech why Donkey Kong Country and Yoshi's island were marvels.

Ranger X on Genesis had 3D effects in some stages and the wireframe models. It had added detail like going above the trees the lighting would change.

These are some gifs on Genesis/SNES games late in their life

SNES and Genesis by systems end had cutscenes almost FMV quality

Let's do a side by side of a launch game vs a late game in Genesis and SNES

Genesis. Last Battle vs Comix Zone

F-Zero to Stunt Race SNES

Let's not forget sound. Tales of Phantasia had voice acting and singing, they got this to fit in 64 KILOBYTES

Genesis could have near CD quality sound by the time the system was aging

None of the Genesis stuff I posted is using 32X nor SCD. It's all just the Genesis.

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