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padib said:
Hynad said:

As for me doing that with you, I think we discussed this a long time ago over messenger and I made myself pretty transparent then. If you think we’re literally experiencing the apocalypse from the Bible, let me remind you people have brought this up for centuries already, and yet, nothing ever happened. But surely, it’s the current times that’s the true one which encapsulates all the details from Revelations, right?

I jumped to conclusions on a situation after 2 years of observation, not on the character of a person and you're right I followed your example and shouldn't have. Yes it's true you were transparent and it helped diffuse the judgement between us and I'm glad about that.

 As for your observations, I strongly believe they are correct, the prophecies are aligning very strongly more than they ever have. As with any prophecy it's easy to think they apply at any moment. What makes them more likely to happen at one time or  another Is the perfect match of all the elements in the prophecy, as it was when Christ came and lived, des and came back from the grave. At that time, Christ fulfilled over 70 prophecies in his birth, life, death and resurrection. So it is now too, most of the elements of the prophecies of the apocalypse are in place, it means he is coming soon.

Everyone from any given time and inclined to believe in the scriptures correlate the elements from the era they experience to those found in the book of revelations. Now isn’t the most accurate time anymore than all the others where people believed the same was happening during the era they experienced.

Last edited by Hynad - on 24 January 2022