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Worldwide vaccines and on children. this is the conditioning before they have us quantam entangled to artificial intelligence..Know as mark of the beast warned in the Bible
The bible says antichrist will be revealed after the restrainer is removed. I believe those who have their faith in Jesus will be raptured to the lord. And then the antichrist will showup. He eventually has everyone take the mark of the beast. People who refuse the mark will get their head chopped off.
2025 I believe they will have worldwide patches or vax that will connect u to artificial intelligence. Instead of being connected to God they will be connected to the beast through quantum entanglement.
Bible says Satan will dwell in the Holy place and declare himself to be God in the tribulation period. Are bodys are the temple of God. Soon Satan will connect hiself to the people who get the mark of the beast
Crypto currency will be used because those who take the mark will use crypto to buy and sell. Thats why it says in the bible those who dont get the Mark wont be able to buy or sell