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the-pi-guy said:
kirby007 said:

so how is xbox becoming competitive not good for the market?

I mean this was kind of my point:

kirby007 said:

Sorry but thats wrong Sony isn't a competitor anymore, MS is looking ahead namely outside of the constraint of consoles
its like you have your playground rival but you have grown up and look beyond that

MS's competitors might not exist.

Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta are pretty much the big companies that can throw around this kind of cash.

Google has seemingly backed out of their gaming push. Google has a short attention span.

Remains to be seen if Amazon continues pushing forward. But they don't seem to understand how the industry works.

Apple and Meta so far don't seem to be pushing into the same space as Microsoft is.

Might be a little more difficult for Meta... As they -only- usually have 50-60~ billion dollars cash in the war chest... Which makes buying a $70 billion dollar company a little more difficult as shareholders would be looking at the bottom line and need to sign off on it as they would need to go into debt and/or dilute shares.

Microsoft on the other hand usually sits on $130-$140 billion in cash... So for them it's just using spare cash sitting in the bank and thus do not need to do a share exchange/share dilute/financing some loans.
Just a straight payment.

Same thing for Amazon as their war-chest is $90 Billion, $70 billion is a fair whack.

Apple on the other hand is sitting on a $200 billion dollar stockpile, Alphabet $165 billion so a purchase for them of this size wouldn't be much of an issue.

Apple and Alphabet is Microsoft's main competitors, rather than the other companies... As those two engage Microsoft in every market almost.

Dulfite said:

A thought I just had. Amusingly, with each new purchase Microsoft makes me more likely to get a Steam Deck.

I keep getting more games added for a simple monthly payment to Gamepass. The Steamdeck + purchasing Bethesda/Blizzard/Activision/all the other studios they've bought game's would not be appealing to me. But all those coming for $10 (what I pay now) - $30 (what they could go up to) a month? Makes the Deck a lot more valued to me.

But I'm hoping Microsoft just releases their own Gamepass Switch/Deck themselves.

Keep in mind the Steam Deck runs SteamOS and not Windows... You *could* possible run xCloud... Or just Install Windows and grab the Gamepass/Xbox app.

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