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Dulfite said:
Kakadu18 said:

How much money would I make? As long as I get my bonus because of record profits, while firing hundreds of employees for no reason, I'm fine.

You get to choose:

1) $100 million annually.

2) Greenland

3) The entire metaverse.

4) To actually exist in the world of Animal Crossing.

5) To make Cortana become human so her and Chief can get married.

6) Prevent Project X Zone, the worst game of all time, from ever being made.

Oh that's a hard choice. Living in the world of Animal Crossing would mean I have unlimited time to pay off my mortgages. Very enticing. But I have to take the cash. And I also need to fire half the staff and then complain that I don't have the recources for more games. And I want a bonus every month for doing nothing.