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KiigelHeart said:
Hynad said:

Now, it’s funny how the ones who constantly whined and criticized Sony for money-hatting exclusives are nowhere to be found now. It’s ok for MS to flash its money, but when Sony does it? … Yeah, they so evil and arrogant.

One difference is gamers gain absolutely nothing from these moneyhat deals. You're basically celebrating a corporation paying big bucks so others can't play the game, while you were always going to be able to play it anyway.

Now Microsoft is at least offering these games for good value in Game Pass, while also making them available on PC and xCloud. 

That’s some hypocrisy you got going on there.

MS is paying big bucks to prevent people who aren’t getting on their platforms from playing an increasing number of popular titles that were multiplat prior to their acquisitions.

Unlike Sony, MS is taking exclusivity forever if they so want because they now own these studios.