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Imaginedvl said:
Hynad said:

Now, it’s funny how the ones who constantly whined and criticized Sony for money-hatting exclusives are nowhere to be found now. It’s ok for MS to flash its money, but when Sony does it? … Yeah, they so evil and arrogant.

You okay? From what in my post are you coming up with that lol

Also, and you can look at my history, but I never-ever critized Sony for that (other than having to use their controller when the game in only available on my Play Station, which I'm not a big fan of)... I do not care about them paying for exclusives and I understand why any company would do that. (same goes for Microsoft, I have no problem them acquiring studios or paying for exclusives). I think you are mixing up things just cause of my avatar.

It sucks when any game is not available to me, that would be the extrend of it lol, but I have both console and always had... So yah, not sure what is going on in your head :)

It was a general comment about the situation on the site. Not directed at you specifically.