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zero129 said:
Imaginedvl said:

oh yah :) Acquiring Sony would not be an easy one, I agree. I think we should look at this more like a "merger" at this level; more than an acquisition per say.
I really believe Apple-Sony would make a great team, I'm not sure why people seem to see this as a bad thing :) 

I'm personnaly not a fan of Apple products. But as a company, they are doing a lot of things right and Sony does too. Both working together would be a monster in the gaming industry.

Play Station Six with Apple silicon! (this is a silly joke, keep your pants on people...)

Not if we are going to be expected to pay €1000 or more for the Apple iPS6 with lesser hardware then its competition.

Yah :) That will suck for the gamers! At the end they will sell it tho! 

Apple iPS6 ahah!