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Hynad said:
Imaginedvl said:

As of now even with Activision, Microsoft is not even close to monopolization so not sure why there is even talk about it.
Tencent and Sony are still on top (revenue wise).

While it will most likely change for Sony this generation, Tencent is way ahead.

Also to the OP, Sony by themselves will not be able to compete at some point, that's for sure. But I expect one of the big one to buy Sony (Apple or Amazon).
This would be the best outcome.

A merger with EA or another big publisher can also be good. But Sony cannot acquire them, it is just physical at this point :) 
What Microsoft just payed for Activision, is half of the whole market cap of Sony.. I mean :)

Now, it’s funny how the ones who constantly whined and criticized Sony for money-hatting exclusives are nowhere to be found now. It’s ok for MS to flash its money, but when Sony does it? … Yeah, they so evil and arrogant.

You okay? From what in my post are you coming up with that lol

Also, and you can look at my history, but I never-ever critized Sony for that (other than having to use their controller when the game in only available on my Play Station, which I'm not a big fan of)... I do not care about them paying for exclusives and I understand why any company would do that. (same goes for Microsoft, I have no problem them acquiring studios or paying for exclusives). I think you are mixing up things just cause of my avatar.

It sucks when any game is not available to me, that would be the extrend of it lol, but I have both console and always had... So yah, not sure what is going on in your head :)

Last edited by Imaginedvl - on 20 January 2022