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bubblegamer said:
Imaginedvl said:

As of now even with Activision, Microsoft is not even close to monopolization so not sure why there is even talk about it.
Tencent and Sony are still on top (revenue wise).

While it will most likely change for Sony this generation, Tencent is way ahead.

Also to the OP, Sony by themselves will not be able to compete at some point, that's for sure. But I expect one of the big one to buy Sony (Apple or Amazon).
This would be the best outcome.

A merger with EA or another big publisher can also be good. But Sony cannot acquire them, it is just physical at this point :) 
What Microsoft just payed for Activision, is half of the whole market cap of Sony.. I mean :)

Sony's worth is closer to 200 Billion, they have a lot of assets, according to numbers from Japan, last year's numbers that is. Microsoft or whoever would need to pay something around 300 Billion if the acquisition of Activision is anything to go by.

So yes, not impossible for a couple of the trillion dollar companies, but certainly not easy, not even for the likes of Apple/Amazon/Microsoft/Google.

oh yah :) Acquiring Sony would not be an easy one, I agree. I think we should look at this more like a "merger" at this level; more than an acquisition per say.
I really believe Apple-Sony would make a great team, I'm not sure why people seem to see this as a bad thing :) 

I'm personnaly not a fan of Apple products. But as a company, they are doing a lot of things right and Sony does too. Both working together would be a monster in the gaming industry.

Play Station Six with Apple silicon! (this is a silly joke, keep your pants on people...)

Last edited by Imaginedvl - on 20 January 2022