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Mar1217 said:
KiigelHeart said:

It'll be balanced. Game Pass is crucial to their plans and you need those "smaller" IPs or it'll fail.

Of course they will own an insane amount of known IPs so it's inevitable some of them won't get as much attention if any.

Xbox has tumeni gaemz!

From a financial logic perspective, I wonder how the Xbox division will be able to not simply and blindly throw money for multiple multi-million dollar projects all the same for so many of these studios they've just acquired, cuz admitedly, what they're doing will end up being enormously costly in the long run and that's without the marketing budget going along with it. Can the smaller selling IP's and smaller studios really thrive in a system that might hope to bang mostly out it's golden eggs to make back on their investments to maintain sustanibility ?

Especially, now with the Gamepass which is (in the foreseeable future) the main revenue stream of the Xbox division rendering it dependant on the will of it's subscriber base.

Yes I think their model eases the pressure of smaller studios as they can be successful without selling millions of copies. Heavy hitters alone won't keep Game Pass subs going. And then there is xCloud which will greatly benefit from smaller, story driven games people would play on their mobile devices etc. And if they want to sell more games on Steam and get more PC gamers to subscribe Game Pass they need more variety than games that are big on console. It's somewhat different audience there. 

Also those games OP posted, like Fable and State of Decay, are very popular games. 

And then there's the fact Zenimax and most likely Activision will be operating independently from Xbox division. We'll see how that plays out.