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So lets calculate how much dent it will actually make to Playstation.

Breakdown of AB $8 billion revenue as of 2021

  • Content for Video Game Consoles: 25%
  • PC-Related Content: 28%
  • Mobile and Ancillary (including non-platform-specific game-related revenues such as standalone sales of toys and accessories): 40%
  • Other Sources: 7%

So consoles make about $2b. Of that probably 60% comes from playstation. So activision revenues about 1.3b from playstation per year and Sony make about $400m profit from it or 30% cut. 

So there is you go, lets say $400m loss for playstation in royalties per year. Thats huge amount of money because its pure profit. Obviously in future activision will loss money as well as not every playstation COD player will buy XBOX. Sony will have to give them alternatives to make up for that.