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Mnementh said:
MasonADC said:

such as? The switch still isn't getting the traditional big third party games and it never will at this point. 

Are we still talking about Japan? Because the biggest third party games of 2021 in Japan were:

1. Monster Hunter Rise
2. Momotaro Detentsu
3. Story of Seasons
4. Minecraft
5. Resident Evil Village

So, four of the biggest five 3rd-party games were on Switch. The full list reveals that 23 of the 30 biggest 3rd-party games were on Switch:

Oh, you said traditional. How is that defined? Probably convinient. Like traditional are only games that don't release on Nintendo, or traditional are games that aren't relevant in Japan anymore.

The reality is more like that Playstation just will not get the biggest 3rd-party releases anymore. Because it already doesn't get them. Minecraft is on Playstation, but it didn't got Rise, Momotaro or Story of Seasons. So of the five biggest games of 2021 Playstation gamers missed three, Switch gamers one game. Playstation may become some expensive tech demos that quickly leave the charts (if they hit it in the first place), but we talk about *big* 3rd-party games in Japan. Playstation gamers miss out here on the most important titles.

PS dying and making the traditional games not being as big anymore doesn't make what I said wrong. The switch still aren't getting those big games. The publishers would rather the series die in japan for success otherwhere. Like I said, what I said was 100% correct