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Chrkeller said:
Otter said:

We will see, but what needs to be understood is that MS is interested in Money and its money comes from sales of games and subscriptions to its services. I imagine they will seek to maximise both. Exclusivity is not necessity in order to do that, in fact its a hindrance. What I do expect will be exclusive is Xbox being the only place where you can play all COD games for $15 a month on release (+exclusive content/marketing/Spinoffs etc)

Edit: Its one thing to expect a number of exclusives, another to expect mainline COD to be that exclusive

Lots of money to be made with game pass.  CoD and Elderscrolls being exclusive to game pass is a massive incentive.  

I could see ps5 ports....  long after launch.  I wouldn't expect to see equal support on Xbox and playstation-5.

There won't ever be equal support, since MS is more focused on making their company about their gaming ecosystem. If Sony isn't a part of it, it won't get the same treatment, this is how MS operates now. 

Won't be surprised if Battlenet gets phased out in a few yrs and ppl have to migrate their Battlenet accounts to Xbox ones. Renaming it "battleX".

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