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SegaHeart said:

Microsoft Xbox One was egregious of what the Xbox 360 accomplished prior , The Xbox Series might need a new stradegy from the Japanese developers most of them that are unwilling to port to Xbox likes of Atelier Ryza , Persona , Guilty Gear , 13 Sentinals , Trails of Cold Steel , Dangun Ranpa , and the many many developers that won't , Microsoft needs a plan B since those developers aren't budging . Plan B is Acquire a japanese Studio to leverage the power that PS5 has all the cards aka all the western and japanese support. Microsoft only gets AAA japanese , It's never enough since Playstation gets all the pie . Xbox 360 plan B was great get the incredibly niche genre shoot em ups most of them exclusive to Xbox 360 add ther japanese exclusives like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey , Infinite ZUnidscovery , Magna carta 2 Golden Fantasia etc that was the Xbox 360 people like me liked I still prefer Xbox 360 over Xbox series consoles the thing is just too western to 360. Like I said if smaller japanese developers including Sega's atlus won't bring their games to Xbox It's to just Purchase One or two? Grounding being bought by Tencent I think? really hurt Xbox Series more grounding worked on Project Drago for Kinect . I'm unsure if there are anymore japanese studios under xbox ? I have a etter strady but unsure if it'll pay off? buy Cave , the developers of Death Smiles and Akai Katana , Dodonpachi etc Cave aint doing anything and noone wants to invest in shmups except for the japanese consumers but the japanese consumers are tired of old ports of death smiles that youtube channels barely reach big numbers unless your Electrified underground , shmups on switch etc? but Cave is down bad haven't created a shnup in 10 years all they do is port which is sad then what happens to cave if all games are ported? then after they are ported the next 10 years cave will be dead? Cave is not motivated like they were when they worked exclusively on Xbox 360 , Microsoft giving them a phat check for every game? Cave is down is in need of saving ? don't tell me they making a new game they haven't and Cave needs Microsoft . Also I rather Microsoft Buy Cave and not buy Trails of Cold Steel developer.

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