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zero129 said:
DonFerrari said:

I was just joking on that =p

mjk45 said:

Playing non VR games using PSVR is just the same as using the PSVR screen as pseudo large screen TV to watch movies on, it's just using the screen as a display instead of a TV.

This mod is different than that while it doesn't replace Aloy it does attach an adjustable  camera to her that then displays the world in a first person VR viewpoint as you move through that world, sure it has it's limitations compared to a native VR game but for what it is and does it's pretty cool.

Thanks for the explanation.

Perhaps this can get Sony to make a VR version of the original and even the new one, since they are making a PSVR2 exclusive this may make sense. Dunno how good the implementation will be though (and yes on PS4 limited resources it may not look very good)

Id imagine if a modder can do it this well on PC that Sony having access to the game code they would be able to do an even better job. I think if Sony ported most of their PS4 games to VR like SvennoJ said it would really boost sales. Not every game needs to use the motion controllers just like with Resi 7 and many other PSVR titles the controller would be good for most of them games. And modders have done great work with non VR titles converting them into VR on PC so id imagine like i said Sony having access to the code they would be able to do an even better job. Hell look at what modders have done with Resi 2 remake vr mod, they even added motion controllers for VR to that game.

Yes, a team working on how to implement VR to most games would improve the appeal a lot. Perhaps they are looking at it for PSVR2.

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