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SvennoJ said:
Shiken said:

I will definitely be playing it eventually, as it was a very anticipated game for me on PS4 I just never got around to.  I just want to wait till after Eldin Ring and Horizon to do so.  A lot of my burnout I suspect is open world in general, having played Spiderman, Halo Infinite, SMTV (very open maps), and Ys IX (a lot of smaller side objectives to chase down) in close vicinity to one another.  Not all of these are open world entirely, but they do all share the chasing down of small side objectives that can be ignored (though I never do).  I just need a break from those types of games.  Plus I am always playing Genshin Impact, so I can never truly break free of it lol.

I will probably make a pact with myself to do the main game first this time  and only tackle side content afterwards or as needed till then when the time comes.

I tried to ignore all the extra fluff, but never manage lol. I did manage to ignore the cosmetic unlocks in Halo Infinite. I don't play online anyway and there was already enough fluff. I also skipped the audio logs, yet all the other icons that pop up, can't resist :/
Same for me, break from open world until Elden Ring an HZD 2 launch. I haven't played Miles Morales yet and it will have to wait some more. I assume it's another collectathon. Ratchet and Clank however is well balanced with good rewards for tracking down the golden bolts and such. Great game.

Halo did not bother me as much, as the icon litter was not near as bad when it actually came to bases and side missions.  I did give a big hell to the no on the collectibles like audio logs, skins, or even the upgrade chests once I got the skills I wanted maxed or sufficient enough for my liking however.  Had I delved into that rabbit hole, I no doubt would have been feeling the same way I did with Spiderman.

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