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SvennoJ said:

Don't play Ghost of Tsushima if you already got burned out by the collectathon in Spiderman. GoT is 10x worse. I never completed the DLC (came with the ps5 version), ran away from the extra island, too too much.

Ratchet and Clank is amazing, no quick resume needed as it load extremely fast. I have yet to play Returnal and Demon's Souls, They're currently a casualty of gamepass since I'll play GP games first until that runs out. (Playing The Pedestrian atm, pretty game, bit repetitive)

It's odd your controllers run out of juice so fast. Mine last longer than the DS4 which I have permanently wired now... I bought 2 extra controllers, always one charging to be ready just in case.

As for features I miss, why can't I ffwd saved videos anymore. I like that you can now save shorter clips when saving a clip (instead of setting the length beforehand in settings), but you can't ffwd doh. Trimming a clip still takes very long as well. Bad implementation, all it needs is add a new header and ending, but it seems to decode and encode the entire clip to save. Anyway otherwise it's fine.

I will definitely be playing it eventually, as it was a very anticipated game for me on PS4 I just never got around to.  I just want to wait till after Eldin Ring and Horizon to do so.  A lot of my burnout I suspect is open world in general, having played Spiderman, Halo Infinite, SMTV (very open maps), and Ys IX (a lot of smaller side objectives to chase down) in close vicinity to one another.  Not all of these are open world entirely, but they do all share the chasing down of small side objectives that can be ignored (though I never do).  I just need a break from those types of games.  Plus I am always playing Genshin Impact, so I can never truly break free of it lol.

I will probably make a pact with myself to do the main game first this time  and only tackle side content afterwards or as needed till then when the time comes.

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