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So I have had my PS5 for over a month now, and I think it is time to give my first impressions.  First I will talk about the new UI...I like it, though I wish I could use themes like I could with the PS4.  It took SOME getting used to, but once I messed with it enough it felt very familiar.  Not much more I can say on that.  I do miss features like quick resume that is available on my xbox, but it is not a game breaker for it to be absent.  It was just something I never knew how much I liked on my Series X till I didn't have it.

Controller...overall I like it.  The rumble is nice and it feels like a good natural progression for the Dual Shock.  I do have two being the horrible battery life.  Every other session it needs to be charged or hard wired as it drains so fast.  This is something the Switch Pro Controller and the Series X controller spoiled me with when it comes to long battery life, as the DS5 drains even faster than the DS4.  I would honestly prefer AAs at this point.

My other problem is with the consistency of the resistance triggers.  When it works, they work great and I like them a lot.  But if you press them too frequently, mostly noticed shooting a bow in Demon Souls, the resistance doesn't always kick in and it is a bit jarring as it goes back and forth.  Hopefully this can be fixed on the software side of things, as I do like the feature overall.

I won't go into the stability of the console itself too much, something that was reported to be questionable early on, as there isn't much to say.  I have no issues.  No system crashes (though Demon Soul's had a software crash twice for me) and rest mode works without issue as intended as well.  Nothing to report here other than the console does what it is supposed to, which is a good thing.

And now for the most important part...the far I have played 4 games on my PS5.

The first one I will bring up is Genshin Impact.  I have already played this on both PS4 Pro and mobile after they enabled cross save progression.  I started on my Note 20 so it saw most of my playtime, even after I could use my PS4 Pro as I was more used to the controls.  Also while it looked better on the pro overall, the frame rate was less stable than my Note 20 and there was more pop in.  On the PS5 however...that was a game changer.  It now looks and runs great at 4k 60fps with almost no loading at all.  Mobile has become the secondary now because this game truly shines on PS5 outside of running on a good PC.  Needless to say, PS5 is now my primary platform for the game.  Having played this game since launch, in its current state for new players I give it an 8.5/10 overall.

Next I will talk about Astro's Playroom...this is a 10/10 experience for WHAT IT IS.  This is a free pack in game that is designed to introduce players to the PS5 and its features, while also throwing in nostalgia for returning fans (something I can def appreciate).  Had this game been a retail game, my score would not be the same.  It is a solid experience with some good 3D platforming, but it is a 2 hour game.  Having said that, once again, for what it does its job perfectly.

Now I will talk about a game that was a rollercoaster for me...Spiderman Remastered.  All in all, it was a good that I will never plat for reasons I will get into...but a very good game.  At first I was blown away by the visuals, combat, and web slinging.  During Act 1, I felt myself getting pulled in more and more.  However act 2 was a complete drag for me (had to even take a break from the game).  The problem is that it follows the typical Ubisoft formula for sandbox games.  Find all the towers, map gets icon littered, and you run to repetitive task after task just to clear the map up.  And yes...I had to clear every side objective because an unchecked icon bothers me...and Act 2 was when it was at its worst, and also where the main plot started to drag at the same time.  Act 3 however was absolutely FANTASTIC, and did not add too many side missions on top of what was in Act 2.  I loved Act 3 from start to finish, and it saved my impressions of the game for me.  Overall, I give it a solid 8/10.

And now Demon's Soul's...this is a 10/10 game for me.  I played it on PS3 back in the day, and this is just such a good remake.  In fact, I found it so good, I got the platinum for it.  It takes a lot to get me to go for plat or 100% a game, so the fact that I loved this game enough to do so speaks volumes.  It is challenging in creative ways, and like any souls game, trial and error is the key to victory as you learn the mechanics for each enemy type and land to explore.

So overall, I am very satisfied with the console.  My next game will either be Ratchet, Returnal, or Deathloop...I have not decided yet.  Ghost of Tsushima is on the back burner for now.  As much as I want to play this game, I have Horizon and Eldin Ring next month and I want to be sure NOT to burn myself out on open world games before then.  Looking forward to what the future holds!

Last edited by Shiken - on 12 January 2022

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