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Comparing the step up from PSVR to PSVR2

960x1080 per eye to 2000x2040 per eye, almost 4x increase in resolution.
FOV 90 to 110, average pixel density of 10.7 per degree to 18.2 per degree,
Comparable to 320x360 to 540x560 on a screen that fills 30 degrees of your fov.

Those are low estimates as pixel density is higher in the center of the screen thanks to the pincushion effect from the lenses, plus stereo view creates the illusion of higher resolution output. Your brain adds the two images up, complimenting each other. So while PSVR felt like 480p gaming at best, PSVR2 will feel like 720p gaming in the least.

Most exciting is the addition of eye tracking, making foveated rendering possible. While PSVR games looked more like PS2 games, PSVR2 with eye tracking should be able to match ps4 pro visuals in VR. Opening the door for easier co-existence with full PS5 games, as in less downgrades needed to get it to run in VR. Most games already target 60 fps this gen which also makes it a lot easier. No more DriveClub type downgrades.

Day one for me, can I pre-order yet.