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d21lewis said:
DonFerrari said:

If you order on Sony customer relationship they send you and adapter for PSVR to use on PS5, and you can play the PS4 VR games on it, not sure if there is any that isn't compatible.

I'm hoping I can use my old games with the new headset. Maybe even with better performance.

Still can't get my hands on a PS5 but if possible, I'd love to get that adapter now. I know I'm getting the console sooner rather than later.

There was a rumor late October, Sony won't confirm nor deny

It's probably the same as ps4 BC on ps5. Sony was very hesitant in confirming anything there as well. Might work, not all games etc. I haven't found any games that didn't work seamlessly. (Apart from save game transfers) So I guess, Sony is just holding off until they can say at least 90% of the PSVR catalog works on PSVR2.

There is little reason why it shouldn't work. The new controllers offer more options, not less. And headset tracking should have been abstract already, doesn't matter if it comes from outside in or inside out tracking. The hurdle is probably the same one as confirming ps4 BC, some games might not fully work.