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Leynos said:

We live in a stupid era of gaming. On one hand, 800K of SMTV is a massive success. 8 million of this game is a failure to Sony. While this is more of a reason why I think Meta is a cancer and should be abolished. (tho DG seemed like the most mediocre generic game out there) but Meta is more harmful than anything. A lot of good games suffer in sales because of a stupid number. Then we have other AAA devs saying certain games that sold in the millions were a sales failure.

Kill Metacritic as it's a useless site.
Publishers need to not dump so much money into one game. How we get Anthems and Avengers. Put some of that into smaller projects and then 1 million will be a success. Not saying you can't have larger projects but they don't need the inflated budgets they often do have.

Noooo. We here on a sales site should know better.

Development cost: SMTV did not cost anywhere near as much as Days Gone. A game that took 2 years to development a sells 1.5mill is great. A game that took 5 years to make and only sells 3mill ... eh. Even if its profitable I'm more was expected for a game eating that much time and money up.

Time to make back cost/reach: SMT4 a niche game, came out in 2013 and it was announced in summer 2015 that game hit 600k. SMTV5 still a niche game, did that and more in 2 months. Days Gone, based on the popular game elements(open world, zombies) was most likely expected to do its numbers now much sooner than it actually did not counting any discounts.

Reminds of me Mega Man ZX: Advent - Keiji Inafune made public announcement stating that in order for the ZX series to continue, Advent needed to sell 100k copies and it did, sooo what where's the sequel? He meant it needed to be done before CAP's next final report. There was specific time period.