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We live in a stupid era of gaming. On one hand, 800K of SMTV is a massive success. 8 million of this game is a failure to Sony. While this is more of a reason why I think Meta is a cancer and should be abolished. (tho DG seemed like the most mediocre generic game out there) but Meta is more harmful than anything. A lot of good games suffer in sales because of a stupid number. Then we have other AAA devs saying certain games that sold in the millions were a sales failure.

Kill Metacritic as it's a useless site.
Publishers need to not dump so much money into one game. How we get Anthems and Avengers. Put some of that into smaller projects and then 1 million will be a success. Not saying you can't have larger projects but they don't need the inflated budgets they often do have.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!