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SegaHeart said:
Pinkie_pie said:

Have you tried Inertial drift? It's my favourite arcade racing I bought in 2021 although I think it was released in late 2020. It reminds me a bit of initial d and Ridge racer

I haven't been to arcades since the pandemic I'll try also add a video of arcades you've tried thumbs up oh I thought it was arcade It's on consoles only add it to other Thread , hugs.

Oh my bad. So racing at the arcades. Unfortunately where I live very few of the arcades remain. I only see some arcade games at the cinemas. Wangan midnight is really popular it's like the only racing arcade game here and that's the only racing game I play. My all time favourite is Daytona usa. Played that after school and on weekends with all my friends 8 player on advanced mode