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shikamaru317 said:

Seems like they use to give out 90+ meta like candy in the early 2000's, but have gotten stricter as time went on.

I feel it's going the other way again. Games used to get lower scores when releasing unfinished and/or having server problems at release. The last few years it feels like stuff simply gets rated on potential. And then you had CP2077... It got adjusted later but at release the meta scores were a total joke. 86 for PC is still too high.

Flight Simulator 2020, 91 score, broken still / again. Unfinished, many problems, add-ons get broken every update.
Forza Horizon 5, 92 score, multiplayer is a mess, online stuff barely works.
Psychonauts 2, 89 score, yet the actual gameplay is very undercooked. (Does deserve it on creativity)
Halo Infinite, 87 score, released unfinished in pieces, many things still missing, netcode is a mess.